Marilyn Diamond Endorses NeriumAD

How many years do you hope to knock off your appearance with NeriumAD? Do you hope to look like Marilyn Diamond, the 69-year-old who looks 40? While a combination of factors come together to make you look and feel younger than you really are, an important part of your daily routine is to apply NeriumAD to your face before you go to bed.


The product is so effective that Marilyn Diamond – a best-selling author, speaker and healthy living expert – has announced her endorsement of NeriumAD and its incredible, age-defying qualities.


bwqjBiLK6RNfeVZatGfe8A0F2mAO0kKWj7IcL1ytJRg 300x300 Marilyn Diamond Endorses NeriumADMarilyn is most well known for her fitness books. She co-authored Fit for Life which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide, making it onto Publishers Weekly’s “Top 25 Bestselling Books in History” list. Marilyn is currently on tour for her new book, Young for Life, co-authored exercise expert Dr. Donald “Rock” Schnell.


Marilyn’s support of NeriumAD is a first; she has never before endorsed a skin care product . However, she is so impressed with the science and results of NeriumAD that she gladly recommends it as a skin care product that makes you look and feel young for life!


In fact, Marilyn has become so passionate about NeriumAD and Nerium’s unique culture that she has joined the company as a Brand Partner. It’s her goal to spread the news of NeriumAD as far and wide as she spreads her very own fitness and lifestyle books!


Feel free to use Marilyn’s endorsement of NeriumAD in your relationship marketing efforts to give your Nerium business a boost!


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  • fetah

    I am so excited to have Marilyn Diamond endorsing Nerium! She has devoted her life to being healthy and continues with Nerium!

  • Geralyn Catucci Schulkind

    Marilyn Diamond’s endorsement of NeriumAD is huge. I can’t wait to share this third-party validation with my prospects!

  • Kimberly Kvick Masone

    We know that NeriumAD is incredible; by Marilyn Diamond’s endorsement, the whole world will know!

    whoo hoo so excited to be a part of Nerium International and can’t wait for conference !!! since I started I have 100′s of satisfied customers and a team of 230 that are ready to dream big!

  • JonOnPurposeHarris

    It’s so AMAZING that Marilyn Diamond’s endorsement of NeriumAD is huge. My prospects will be so excited about this, I will be reaching out to them ALL!!!

  • Amy Geoffrion

    NeriumAD is an amazing product. Having Marilyn Diamond endorse NeriumAD is not surprising. She is a very smart woman and knows how to look better and live better.

  • danettegreen

    Nerium had her at the Las Vegas Bash….what an amazing women. Marilyn and Nerium are a perfect match.

  • audrea

    Wow!!! So excited about this endorsement from Marilyn Diamond!! Another great moment in the life of a Nerium International brand partner!

  • Gretchen Anderson

    Marilyn is a perfect Nerium spokesperson! She is one of the most beautiful 69 years young women I have ever met! The Nerium international family is lucky to have her as part of the team!

  • ronforrester

    Marilyn Diamond endorsing Nerium International is huge! She has never endorsed a skin antiaging product! Fabulous!

  • Amanda Thompson

    Love Marilyn’s story, her extensive study and background, and her love of NeriumAD!

  • Sherry Johnson

    So excited that Marilyn is endorsing NeriumAD! Nerium International and Marilyn Diamond is a winning combination.

  • Keely Gaston Nations

    This story is so inspiring! I cannot wait to share this!!

  • Wendy Williams

    I LOVE Marilyn Diamond and her story. And I LOVE Nerium AD. It is just a matter of time before all of the celebrities are using Nerium AD. Science Evolves and so does skincare!!!

  • Pam Thomposn

    It is not surprising that Nerium AD is being recognized by celebrities like Marilyn Diamond! People in the public eye are always looking for the latest and greatest in anti aging and the word is getting out that Nerium AD is the breakthrough anti aging product!

  • Libby Sanders

    It says a lot that Nerium is endorsed by Marilyn Diamond after all the research and time she has spent on health and wellness. Nerium is a product that is easy to love. Just try it and you’ll know why!

  • Alla

    Love my Nerium AD! Having Marilyn Diamond endorse Nerium AD goes right along with maintaining my healthy life style!!!

  • Damon Patrick Rourke

    NeriumAD is absolutely fantastic! It is backed by so many credible people!! NeriumAD!!!

  • Kathy Henken

    Marilyn Diamond and NeriumAD. . . there’s a match made in health!!
    Her endorsement of NeriumAD will benefit so many!

  • Steve

    Nerium AD is attracting such positive people. Marilyn Diamond is another great example!! Thanks Marilyn and Nerium AD

  • Tom Watson

    Marilyn Diamond and NeriumAD is a perfect fit! NeriumAD helps people look younger, and Marilyn helps stay that way!

  • Amanda Thompson

    How awesome is this??? Nerium AGAIN proving that NOTHING beats real results!!! So exciting!

  • Shannon Rothstein

    Just more proof of how amazing NeriumAD is that Marilyn Diamond is endorsing NeriumAD!

  • Keely Gaston Nations

    I love that Nerium is getting recognized by the stars!! People are always looking at the stars for ideas and tips for the latest and greatest!!

  • Sherry Johnson

    Marilyn Diamond endorsing NeriumAD is so validating. Nerium International is taking the industry by storm!

  • Mary Bergin McCracken

    When someone with Marilyn Diamond expertise in health and wellness endorses Nerium AD, you know she had done her due diligence. Nerium AD is the best anti-aging product available!

  • ronforrester

    Nerium International hit it out of the park with NeriumAD and Marilyn Diamond endorsing NeriumAD is a milestone that is going to happen more and more with other celebrities! Go Nerium!

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  • Laura

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    Nothing else in the world like NeriumAD! And endorsements from people like Marilyn Diamond prove it!

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